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The Florence Marketplace Indemnity Agreement 

WHEREAS, ___________________________, a vendor, charitable organization or other type of entity (User) desires to participate in events The Florence Marketplace; and WHEREAS, such organization meets the criteria for participation in The Florence Marketplace and agrees to obey the rules of the market and understands the nature of operating within the market and their responsibilities as a market vendor or participant in the market, including assuming responsibility for safe operation and conduct of their business within the market; the User agrees to indemnify, hold harmless and defend Vintage Vapor, Llc dba The Florence Marketplace, its officers, agents and employees from and against all liability for and all claims, suits, demands, and/or actions for damages, injuries to person (including death), property damage (including loss of use) and expenses including court costs and attorney’s fees and other reasonable costs occasioned by or arising out of User’s presence within the premises of The Florence Marketplace and the market area conducted in connection with or incidental to participation and arising out of or resulting from the intentional acts or negligence of User, its officers, agents, employees, or person participating in the event sponsored by the User. User further agrees that it shall, always, exercise reasonable precautions on behalf of, and be solely responsible for the safety of its officers, agents, employees, participants, visitors, and other persons as well as their property, while in or on the market and surrounding areas. It is expressly understood and agreed that The Florence Marketplace shall not be liable or responsible for the negligence of User, its agents, servants, employees, customers, visitors, and participants. It is further agreed with respect to the above indemnity, that The Florence Marketplace and User will provide the other with prompt and timely notice of any event covered in any way directly or indirectly, contingently, or otherwise affected or which might affect the User or The Florence Marketplace

User further agrees that this indemnity provision shall be considered as an additional remedy for The Florence Marketplace and not as an exclusive remedy.


Business or User Name:_________________________________


Title: ________________________________________________


Signature: ____________________________________________


Date: ________________________________________________

Texas Notarial Certificate (JURAT)
COUNTY OF ___________________
Sworn to and subscribed before me on the ______ day of ________, 20___, by______________________________ (Name of Principal Signer). 
Seal:                                                                  Notary Public Signature_________________________________________

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